The long awaited and growing famous smart phone Phones 4.7 inch ROCOMO I9500 Android 4.2 3G Smartphone MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz QHD IPS 1GB RAM 4GB ROM GPS WiFi Android budget $100 phone.  Rocomo 19500 Company would come along with extraordinary technical Specifications & Powerful Dual Core processor that deliver with remarkable performance. Phone having surpring features along with economical price as described alson in gadget review. It has always been aiming the inexpensive range users range along with this phone.

Specification & features

Certain features: first of all screen Network frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 850/2100MHz Dual SIM, Dual standby Dual cameras (the back with auto focus and flash light) Wire free net service Gravity sensing system FM/MP3/MP4/Bluetooth/GPS function supported Specification: Network WiFi: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet Network type: GSM+WCDMA Frequency $100 Mobile: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 850/2100MHz Support 3G : Yes GPS: Yes Bluetooth: Yes Display Screen type: Capacitive Screen size: 4.7 inch IPS: Yes Screen resolution: 960 x 540 (QHD) Camera Camera type: Dual cameras (one front one back) Back camera: 12.7MP Front camera: 2.0MP Video storage & recording: Yes Storage RAM: 1GB ROM: 4GB External memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included) Connectivity SIM Card Slot: Yes (2 x SIM Card Slot) TF Card Slot: Yes Micro USB Slot: Yes Audio Out Port : Yes (3.5mm audio out port) Microphone: Supported Speaker: Supported Media Formats Picture format: PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG Music format: MP3, AMR, AAC Video format: AVI, 3GP, MP4 MS Office format: PPT.

High Pixels

It comes with a 7-inch (1024×600 pixels) IPS HD screen and is strongly powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM. There is 8GB of builtin storage memory, which is preceded extensive via SD card (up to 32GB). The gadget reviews Tab Star M830G a 2-megapixel rear camera, while there is a seconda 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera also onboard too. This on the connectivity front, the mTab Star M830G tablet including 3G, Wi-Fi, Micro-USB, A-GPS, GPRS/ EDGE. The tablet packs a 2800mAh battery, which delivers up to 5 hours of mixed usage, according to the company.



1The most affordable piece of device, off-contract handsets, W800 3G is one of today demand favorite phone everywhere. W800 3G Smartphone MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz Android 4.2 1GB RAM 4GB ROM GPS With 4.5 inch WVGA Screen The manufacturers are  offering a number of devices to fit in an extensive range of budget price, and today’s release features a couple of new handsets for those aspiring to have $100 mobile phone.

W800 3G also announced the Studio 3G Mini which is meant to take on the as of the Nokia, and in terms of features and pricing, without any doubt does according to the current gadget review. So with the help of this gadget review it can be viewed conveniently whether or not this smartphone is worth user’s $100 mobile what he expects. W800 3G occupies multiple great smartphones already available, and at varied price points.

Smaller body


W800, hardware is totally like the Motorola, just a smaller body. It feel really good in the palm, although users would rather get away from the capacitive keys and go on-screen buttons like almost everyone else has.5MP camera available at its back with flash as well as your speaker. On the right side volume rocker and power button with the microUSB port and 3.5mm headphone jack up top. Earpiece is on the front unlike with the W800 3G the earpiece doesn’t match the color of the back of the phone, there is also camera in the front, 4.7-inch display and few capacitive keys at its below.

So far as performance goes, it’s about as snappy as the W800 3G, indeed It is a bit snappier. And that’s generally due to the resolution difference. Albeit this one only has 512MB of RAM. Mobile users would definitely go to feel that RAM power. Although it looks KitK possessing better pressing buttons.




Entry of GT-T9500-B 5.0 inch Android 4.2 Phablet Unlocked Phone SP6820A 1.0GHz WVGA display Dual SIM WiFi in the global market made phone users aspirant to buy it due to its low price being $100 mobile . The shipping was very fast however it took a while to process the order. but once it shipped we got it in early few days. The display is luckrative, came with multi batteries. With having the chance to make sure all the features work on it because users haven’t gotten a sim card yet but hopefully everything is fine. The display is huge, which is awesome, the phone is just beautiful. Gadget review about customer service is inspiring, even though users were depressed because the phone was out of stock, then it had to be tested b4 it shipped. However, it was worth the wait.

GT-T9500 Features

GT-T9500 is obviously one of the single most fully featured Smartphone on the global market today. Too much choice can be a bad thing so I gave myself a strict budget of 100 USD with the aim of getting maximum value and collide for buck. The main goal was to find a Smartphone offering a great set of features. When I received the GT-T9500, the most viable part of the experience was the incredibly quick interface,$100 mobile  fast enough.

300 GPU

GT-T9500, particularly a viable and when users play games. Both the 1GHZ CPU and the Mali 300 GPU cater the foundation for such a fluid and lovely experience. I was also impressed with the large 5.0″ display due to its clarity and deep colors. Superb Smartphone. With the GT-T9500, everything comes together into gadget reviews a fantastic package.

Talk about price

if you want a nice phone for the price that is just the same as the samsung galaxy 4, obtained phone set. I have already ordered cases, and a bluetooth. If everything goes smooth, I would attain order more items from Dealsmachine. Just remember- it could take a few extra days for the phone to be tested and order to be processed b4 it actually gadget reviews ships- so u have to have patience – which is something that i dont have when ordering from a web page. Overall- its a really nice phone.

I9200 Android 4.1 Phablet



The latest gadget review has introduced an extremely low priced cell phone $100 mobile phone. I9200 Android is honorably regarded amongst the budget category. The I9200 Android comes in the I9200 Android black packing in a clean transparent basket a screen protector is added; just the “upper” foil had to be separated. A part from the important charger with a cable attached a sound headset. Though the typical white box is placed in the low budget price segment under $100, it sounds good.
Graceful Manufacturing

The product is highly incredible in my opinion. It is relatively plain, but distinct at many points from the often used “general-china phone”-design. The upper edges, plus bottom edges are thou completely rounded off, so it caters an impression as it would be one cast part. As the mobile phone gadget reviews kept I9200 Android surface design highlighted. A negative impact towards the pressure point may demand something changed. At the bottom of the screen the android buttons Menu.

Cool Look
The I9200 Android has a display diagonal of 5″ with a resolution of just 854×480. The IPS display itself is from the company JDI, which is supposedly also producing the display for the HTC One. However, the viewing angle is very good. The picture stays constant for almost 180°. The T6S is no OGS. If you want to take this as an advantage or disadvantage is up to you.


One click Program 

The I9200 Android has a red notification LED on the top right beside the speaker. It lights up continuously while charging and works out-of-the-box as a notification LED for system-notifications. Although I did not try it be myself. Google Apps are already installed on the phone. Additionally a Chinese appstore, DU Speed Booster, Baidu Browser and a chinese Game Central are installed. The battery seems to be quite small with its capacity of 1900 mAh, but after a normal day with Bluetooth turned on the battery was still charged with around 60%. Last but not least is the lowest price bringing this mobile gadget into $100 mobile phone queue but luckily the quality is not compromised as it happens usually.

JIAKE G910 5.0


1There is a warm welcome entry of JIAKE G910 5.0″ Capacitive Touch MTK6572 Dual Core Android 4.2.2 WiFi Phone 256MB RAM 521MB ROM 2MP CAM FM P07-JKG910, a budget piece $100 mobile phone

Currently joined party smartphone possesses a 5.0″ large capacitive TFT touch screen along with 854×480 resolutions to offer comfort in viewing videos or seeing pictures. It features MTK6572 dual-core 1.2GHz high speed CPU. It strongly supports Wi-Fi for wireless networking and comes along with built-in Bluetooth for wireless data transmission. A part of it, according to gadget reviews this smartphone supports GPS navigation and is equipped with dual cameras for photo taking.

Appreciating price point

The first thing showed by gadget reviews users notice about the JIAKE G910 is the appreciating price point. Look beyond it however and you’ll also see superior performance. The design is convincing & understated, combining practicality and affordable style. With a powerful Dual Core 1.2GHz processor, the JIAKE G910 Android Smartphone delivers a breathtakingly flawless user experience; enjoy silky smooth performance on all your favorite apps, movies, games, music and more, all in the palm of your hand. If users currently the market for affordable power, the JIAKE G910 is the perfect choice. Everything works great. I love the phone. But have to stay on WiFi until I can figure out how to add sims cards and SD card in it.

The JIAKE G910 Android works on Kitkat with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage + 64GB micro SD support. It is a dual SIM handphone along with 13MP rear camera with flash and 8MP front camera. JIAKE G910 Android also arrives packed along with finger print scanner, now this is what you acquire on high end phones.


From a user: This phone is very brilliant for price $100 mobile, I received it in 3 weeks, It possesses very good quality, it works very so quickly at all, display has good viewing angles and sharp colors. Touch screen is responsive apps are loaded quickly. If you want a budget item but good phone this is the superb choice one for you.


W330 Android 4.4 3G


1Thousands of cell phones attracting people with immense quality steel and glass bodies and back covers etc., whatgadget reviews bound to display innovations in mobiles but this time the biggest feature attached to cell phone gadget is it being $100 mobile. Let’s first of all have a look on innovative features”


W330 MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz Android 4.2 4.5inch FWVGA Capaciting RAM 512M 4G Smartphone Camera 5.0 MP, 4.5 inch WVGA Screen MMTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB extraordinaryWiFi GPS Dual Cameras Cell Phones description and other few things with good informations.W330 Android 4.4 3G Smartphone 4.5 inch WVGA Screen MTKK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB mainWiFi GPS Dual CamerasWiFi GPS recommendation of gadget reviews.


Electronics W330 Android

Users opinion matter to other visitors about W330 Android 4.4 3G Smartphone 4.5 inch WVGA Screen MTNK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB speedyWiFi GPS Dual Cameras Android Phones F1ZL4SCL 548796138. If you want to help the community with information about W330 Android 4.4 3G Smartphone 4.5 inch WVGA Screen MTKK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB exceptionalWiFi GPS Dual Cameras. Android Phones W330 Android 4.4 3G Smartphone 4.5 inch WVGA Screen MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB brilliantWiFi GPS Dual Cameras S2NU0N18
Electronics W330 Android 4.4 3G Smartphone 4.5 inch WVGA Screen MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB  fast WiFi GPS.

Budget Mobile

If anyone claims and terms W330 MTK  to be the a budget mobile gadget than such claiming would be wrong at all as no compatible such with desirable feature is available under $100 mobile how hard one may search for but either the qualities would not be compatible or price.

GALAXY Young 2


Big launch ‘GALAXY Young 2’ runs Android Kitkat 4.4, the current Android operating system. With Android Kitkat 4.4, you would experience faster multitasking and the innovative functions, including optimizing memory management. Galaxy Young 2, user can easily love the current and the highly famous games! Game loft’s top 8 games are available for free download. Mobile gadget review, as ascertain the games might be unavailable in certain languages and a budget piece $100 mobile. Samsung Galaxy Young 2 Smartphone with 3.50-inch 320×480 display powered by 1GHz processor alongside 512MB RAM and 3-megapixel rear camera.


The standard ‘Galaxy’ style

Samsung Galaxy Young 2 is smaller enough for kids hands, but to elders who have been using phones for years it’ll seem quite chunky as well as small. It’s 11.8mm thick, stopping it from looking like a real shrunk-down Galaxy S5, which is a mere 8.1mm thick. This most important factor is very common among very inexpensive phones, and the rival Moto E is even thicker at 12.3mm.

Galaxy S5 for kids

Kids to have fund and enjoy, but from a distance it still has a sense of being a ‘Galaxy S5 for kids’ thanks to the consistent elements in the design. The band of chrome plastic around the sides, key extends and apparent menu button of the Samsung Galaxy Young 2 are all just like Samsung’s more expensive phones. . The list of features it doesn’t have is just as important as the ones it does. There’s no 4G, no NFC, no IR transmitter and very limited internal memory of just 4GB. Only two of these really matter: the 4G and the lack of memory. This is quite common in sub-£100 phones, and 4GB of storage in particular makes the Young 2 much more restricting for those who want to install lots of apps. if you want to use the Samsung Galaxy Young 2 as a music player. Unbelievably $100 mobile
Low Resolution
Had Samsung packed an 800 x 480-pixel screen into the Galaxy Young 2 it could have looked pretty sharp thanks to the small screen size, but the company’s dedication to scraping the barrel’s bottom with its budget phones is clearly strong. Colour is weak as showed by current report displayed by gadget reviews, too.



Finally 5.5 inch M HORSE N9000 Android 4.2 Phablet SP6820A 1.0GHz WVGA Screen Dual Cameras made its way to the market.  5.5 inch M HORSE N9000 Android 4.2 Phablet SP6820A 1.0GHz WVGA Screen Dual Cameras.5.5 inch M HORSE N9000 Android 4.2 Phablet SP6820A 1.0GHz WVGA Screen Dual Cameras in just $100 mobile category.

The Classy Look


5.5 inch M HORSE N9000 Android 4.2 Phablet SP6820A 1.0GHz WVGA Screen Dual Cameras Android Phones 540976514 is users’ preference & recommendation for the day and please comment if you know you have this product.As per the information of gadget review  ,the China based builder N9000 has come up with a low cost android smart phone into the markets that are costing below Rs 10K giving cut throat competition to the already existing models with its new qualities and classy looks. This device is sleek and attractive with a black color case. finish in the back and glass covering on the front. This mobile is being made available in absolute black and white colors with a very strong OS of v4.2 Jelly Bean and quad core 1.2 GHz cortex A7 processor along with all functions carried smoothly and fairly.

Rich Image Resolution

Stepping top, N9000, in a gadget review surely tempt everyone’s attention with its glossy finish and good specification above that comes along at a budget with rich features. The 4.5 inch display presents offers clear images with a resolution of 480×854 pixels. It supports multimedia functionality and put forward good entertainment &fun with music, gaming and videos tools and different directions. The sound system also presents quality output. Except all, this model makes a good deal within affordable price being $100 mobile compared to the specifications and features it is being presented.

N9000 is a Dual SIM (Dual stand-by) Candybar, Touchscreen Android Smartphone from Gionee which runs on Android OS, v4.2 (Jelly Bean). N9000 is available in Black, White colors. N9000 has 480 x 854 pixels, 4.5 inches (~218 ppi pixel density) display size which supports capacitive touch screen, 16M colors.

Cubot S222



Cubot has announced Cubot S222 Smartphone Android 4.2 MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHZ with 5.5″ HD IPS Screen 1G/16G is going to be a best choice for a new mobile device in users ‘palm. Many of its great features include the speedy Android processor and operating system for comfortable and uneven communications. Keeping in touch with your wide network would never be hard anymore with this handy and practical Smartphone. In gadget review its dual camera is also impressive with 13.0MP Back Camera 8.0MP Front Camera. The whitish piece is in stock now. Buy it at the minimum price being $100 mobile.

Screen Quality


Cubot S222 has a good & sharp screen quality according to current gadget review. It’s no s5 but you get value for money with this phone. And the dual sim feature works awesome too. It uses one regular size sim and a micro size sim. The speed on the phone is very speedy. Camera is excellent in terms of quality.

If you are hunting a smartphone with a big screen, high performance and quite nominal price, the Cubot S222 would surely give you satisfaction.

The Best Selling

The Cubot S222 can be deemed as the update of the best-selling S208; it has a bigger screen, a camera with a higher resolution and an equivalent quad core processor. Its good reputation gave its users the urge to recommend this smartphone with confidence. It’s not needed to spend big money to buy a phone and use it for 1 or 2 years and then change it. You can spend only $100 for mobile and benefit of a Smartphone similarly exceptional.




RCA brings with the trend among RCA models the entry-level dual-SIM M1. It smoothly runs Android 4.2 main Jelly Bean 4GB primary memory (up to 32GB expansion) and 512MB RAM, a duo quite common among the most inexpensive just $100 mobile phone . Another great & typical combination is its 5-megapixel rear and 1.3-megapixel front-facing cameras. Just like its A1, its offers a pretty well covering Bluetooth v3.0 and can work on basic 3G paces. According to updated gadget review, this one possesses a smaller screen comparatively, however, coming in at 4-inches on a WVGA resolution. We discovered no indication of its processor details, but it could just be another pretty low-budget one, judging from its other specifications.

If value implication important & obligatory smartphone features (without all the fancy stuff), perhaps RCA can thouoroughly overcome to call the M1 the most priceless & valuable phone ever manufactured. These Android´s basic specifications include a 4GB memory and 512MB RAM, hardly placing it in the smartphone class. WVGA display on a 4-inch screen is pretty common among entry-level models too. As for taking pictures, it does offer the typical 5-megapixel back cam along with a 1.3-megapixel front-facing one. Superb $100 mobile could definitely do better when it comes to Bluetooth, as approximately all their models have v3.0, which is less versatile as v4.0 or higher. That said, there was nothing really frustrating about the M1, but there might be better models within its rate range.


Popular smartphone platform

The RCA M1 boasts the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean smartphone operating system, which is one of the two most popular mobile operating systems, already featuring an extensive assortment of applications. This could be a noticeable plus compared to other smartphones under all gadget reviews , since app developers are of course more motivated to develop apps for the most common operating systems.